“Global Warming and Role of Oceans”

Oceans are the Lungs and Heart of Earth.

The recent studies find the relationship between oceans and Earth’s atmosphere in a more sophisticated way and the role of oceans on global warming and climate changes. Generally, the ocean is described as the body of water, has vast waves, beaches, and covers about 70 percent of Earth’s surface; scientifically speaking, it used as an “Ecosystem.”

One exciting fact found about oceans is that these absorbed about 9 percent of the heat that formed due to global warming.

How Oceans Reduce Global Warming:

  1. Oceans take more carbon dioxide (Co2) to warm water than air; using more carbon dioxide helps reduce the global warming effects.
  2. Ocean transport extra heat produced by global warming into its inner part through this process extra heat could not interact with atmosphere ti cause global warming.
  3. Another interesting fact about oceans is that these absorbed 30 percent of fossil fuel emissions.

Impact of global warming on oceans:

  1. The chemistry and physical characteristics of oceans effected by the increase of CO2.
  2. Marine life is also affected by global warming.
  3. An exciting process in the oceans due to global warming is warming the water layer by heat and lowering of water layer’s density.
  4. Global warming affects the precipitation of calcium carbonate, as the seawater’s PH lower due to access CO2.

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