Impact of production of sand on the productivity of well

The Production of sand is one of the significant issues in the well’s productivity; it can collapse well.

 What is Sand Production?

According to the Schlumberger oilfield glossary.” The migration of formation sand caused by the flow of reservoir fluids.”

Generally, the production of sand is unwanted, as it restricts the productivity

Causing erosion of completion components.

It is causing obstacle wellbore access.

It is causing disposal difficulties.

While tackling this issue, it is essential to understand the factors and reasons for sand production.

Usually, the production of sand takes place where formation stresses increase than the formation strength and cause collapse.

Tectonic stresses

Pore pressure and Overburden pressure.

After understanding the production of sand, we will look for an effective technique to resolve this issue. But before this, it is also significantly important to locate the position of sand in well.

Techniques for controlling sand production:

Mechanical Method:

In this method, pipes or liners are placed in front of fluid flow in the formation and only allow the fluid to pass through it. This technique consists of a liner or filtered pipe. The drawback of this technique that usually occurs while using the unfiltered liner. When the non-filter liner is installed in front of the formation fluid flow, the distance between the formation and liner wall creates a problem in removing sand. But this issue resolves by using a filter pipe that covers the space between the liner and wall of formation.

Use of Gravel Pack:

In this technique, a filter is composed of gravels installed in front of the formation’s production layer. The Gravel PACK does not allow the sand particles to pass through it. The size of gravel used as the filter is relatively equal to the size of the sand particle.

ESS (Expendable Sand Screen)

In this technique, a tool is used, which is consists of three expendable layers. This is the latest technique for controlling sand production and is widely used by oil and gas companies.                                                                              

While installing the tool in the formation, the layers of the device expanded. The one-layer of the instrument known as “PETRA” is responsible for controlling the sand production.

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