“Revolutionary” to “Disastrous”

More than 7 billion barrels of oil and six hundred trillion cubic feet of natural gas were produced by hydraulic fracturing in the USA, while more than 1.7 million wells were completed. (American Petroleum Institute). Apart from the increase in the production of hydrocarbon, hydraulic fracturing created millions of jobs. According to American Petroleum InstituteContinue reading ““Revolutionary” to “Disastrous””

Was the volcanic eruption responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs or asteroids?

During the last five hundred million years there were many phenomena of extinction took place. Still, there was five major extinction happened on earth. These extinctions were taken place due to environmental change drives by the massive eruption of the volcano. The latest extinction took place about sixty-six million years ago (At the end ofContinue reading “Was the volcanic eruption responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs or asteroids?”

Impact of production of sand on the productivity of well

The Production of sand is one of the significant issues in the well’s productivity; it can collapse well.  What is Sand Production? According to the Schlumberger oilfield glossary.” The migration of formation sand caused by the flow of reservoir fluids.” Generally, the production of sand is unwanted, as it restricts the productivity Causing erosion ofContinue reading “Impact of production of sand on the productivity of well”

Were these lightning bolts that started life on earth?

Billions of years ago on earth, trillions of lightning bolt strikes may form Phosphorus; that’s the life began suggests by the study. A study carried by a student of the earth science department at yale university has found that 4.5 billion years ago on earth, life was formed by striking lightning, which is an essentialContinue reading “Were these lightning bolts that started life on earth?”

Nuking Mars?

Some scientists suggest “Nuking Mars”. A new study found that the crust of Mars retained most of its water instead of evaporating into space. This new discovery would be hope for life on Mars.But there is the difficulty, as water reacted with the mineral of mars crust chemically.Some scientists suggest that if we heat upContinue reading “Nuking Mars?”

Do melting glaciers cause Earth Quakes?

Scientist believed from half a century that the melting of glaciers caused Earthquake, even in those regions which are stable tectonically. For example, in Alaska, it is harder to differentiate the earthquakes from those due to glaciers’ melting because, in this region, earthquakes are frequent. The researcher now found and believe that the loss ofContinue reading “Do melting glaciers cause Earth Quakes?”

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